Sell Gold, Platinum & Silver for CASH!

We are one of the top Gold Scrap buyers in the UK. Paying cash for all your unwanted Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery precious metal scrap items by Post.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our Gold scrap service just send back your cheque within 7 days and we will return your precious metal jewellery FREE of charge & insured for the full valuation amount.

We offer a wide choice of payment methods:

  • CASH (sent secure & insured)
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer

We Consistently Pay More CASH for your Gold!

As we purchase precious metals for refining we have consistently paid more for your jewellery scrap than our competitors. Unlike other buyers we accept Silver as well as Platinum & Gold for refining and fast CASH Payment!

Selling your Jewellery for Cash is as Simple as 1 2 3!

  1. Order Secure Envelope (fill in form on right)
  2. Put your unwanted Gold,Silver & Platinum Jewellery into envelope and send at post office
  3. We carefully Assess your Precious Metals then Send You Fast Payment!

Sell Any Type of Precious Metal for Quick CASH!

We will purchase any form of unwanted precious metal or jewellery including Gold, Platinum and Silver scrap.

GOLD - We buy unwanted and damaged 9 carat, 10kt, 14kt, 18ct, 22 carat and 24 karat Gold jewellery. Sell us Gold Bullion bars, ingots, rough cast Gold lemels and jewellery manufacturing scrap. All Gold Bullion Coins Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Gold American Eagles coins, Britannias, Gold Maples, Pandas and any other Au bullion Gold Coin bought for Cash.

PLATINUM - We accept any type of Platinum scrap and damaged or unwanted Platinum jewellery pieces for fast Cash payment. Sell us Platinum Bullion bars or coins, industrial Pt wire, scrap sheet or rods, Platinum thermocouple wire and all other forms of Platinum.

SILVER - Sell scrap Sterling Silver jewellery in any condition, damaged, broken or unwanted 925 Silver jewellery. We buy any Sterling Silver cutlery, candle sticks, Silver trophy cups and all other Silver flatware. Sell any form of Silver Bullion ingot or bar, Silver coins including American Eagles, 1oz Silver Kookaburra, Ounce Silver Maple Leaf, Britannias all bought quickly for Cash. Sell us junk Silver numismatics coinage and sell all British 50% Silver pre 1947 shillings, florins and sixpence coins.

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After sending an old broken chain,a dented ring and a brooch in the envelope provided I was surprised when I received £167 cash by return post.
Thankyou gold-scrap UK

M Brook, Essex