Sell Gold, Platinum & Silver for CASH!

The following terms and conditions are legally binding on all customers of
You warrant that you are of at least 18 years of age and are acting on your own behalf when undertaking to sell items to
Customers must be the legal owner of all precious metal, jewellery and any other items submitted to for sale, and you must have good marketable title to the aforementioned property.
You warrant to that any items submitted are not the result of any illegal activity whatsoever in the United Kingdom or any other country.
Customers must guarantee that any transaction initiated with will not violate any anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering or other applicable laws of the United Kingdom or any other countries.
Customers agree to our full terms and conditions by the act of submitting items to regardless of whether any documentation is signed by the customer.
We believe that customers should have full choice and control over the insurance, tracking information and proof of posting/delivery for their precious metals. Therefore we request that our customers choose and pay for their own postal/insurance charges when submitting items to This allows you to insure your items whilst in transit to us, you retain the tracking information and in the event of an insurance claim you retain control over the proof of posting/delivery documentation. But under our Satisfaction Guarantee if you decide not to accept our cheque payment we will return precious metals jewellery free of charge and insured for our full valuation amount, with no extra cost to you. will send you a pre-addressed secure Special Delivery envelope to use when submitting your items. Customers simply seal their items in the pre-addressed secure Special Delivery envelope, take it to the post office, select the correct insurance level (upto 2500) and pay postal/insurance fee due.
All items sent to are sent at the customers risk until received by
We reserve the right to reject delivery of any packets that appear to have been tampered with, damaged or previously opened. These items will be returned to sender via the postal system without any liability to
Payment Options
Cheque - We will send you a cheque after our payment notification email. If you decide not to accept our payment amount under our Satisfaction Guarantee simply return our cheque within 7 days and we will return precious metal orders free of charge and insured for out full valuation amount. There is no charge for cheque payment method.
Cash - We can send you cash within the United Kingdom via insured fast secure Special Delivery service after evaluating your precious metals. If you wish to be paid via cash we will deduct a fee of 5.99 from your final payment to cover the processing costs of your fast cash payment.
Bank Transfer - We will transfer your payment direct into your nominated UK bank account after evaluating your precious metals. There is no charge for bank transfer payment method.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
To take advantage of our 7 day return satisfaction guarantee simply select the cheque payment option. If you are not satisfied with our cheque payment amount return it to reach our offices within 7 days of payment notification. Your submitted precious metals will then be returned to you completely free of charge and insured for our full valuation of your precious metals at our cost. will send you notification via email of our intention to purchase your precious metal material after your items have been evaluated, this is your payment notification. Please make sure that our email address is white listed in your email client and that our emails will not be sent to your spam folder or rejected.
After a period of 7 days from your payment notification your precious metals will be processed and cannot be recovered after this time.
Cashing of issued cheque indicates acceptance of payment amount and concludes our transaction with you. If you select bank transfer payment or cash payment you agree to waive all rights to our 7 day return satisfaction guarantee.
If above conditions are met under our 7 day return satisfaction guarantee your precious metals will be returned within 21 days of us receiving our cheque payment returned.
Our customer satisfaction guarantee excludes industrial precious metal material such as wire, sheet, flake, dust and other industrial forms of precious metal, as these forms of precious metal require a melt and assay before an accurate purity can be determined. We do accept all industrial precious metal material for purchase, but due to the need for a melt and assay industrial material cannot be returned under our customer satisfaction guarantee.
Material Accepted purchases precious metals for refining including Gold, Silver and Platinum. We accept any quantity of Gold or Platinum material for processing and any quantity of Silver material if submitted within the same package as Gold or Platinum precious metals. If you are only sending Silver material, due to the lower value of Silver we request a minimum of 120 grams of Silver precious metal material. Silver weighing less than 120 grams can be submitted within the same envelope as any quantity of Gold or Platinum material though. Any Silver orders received weighing less than our minimum required weight may be processed (at the discretion of but by submitting under weight Silver orders you agree to waive all rights to our 7 day return satisfaction guarantee.
We do not pay for Diamonds or Gemstones within precious metal jewellery. We recommend removal of any Diamonds or Gemstones before submitting your items. will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any Diamonds, Gemstones or other non-precious metal parts contained within submitted items. Where submitted items contain Diamonds, Gemstones or any other non-precious metal parts we will make a deduction for the estimated weight of non-precious metal parts.
By submitting items to you accept that the process of testing may involve subjecting your items to certain acids, scratch testing or the removal of small samples from your material for testing, possibly leaving permanent damage.
Customers agree not to submit any hazardous material irrespective of how it may be presented to including but not limited to Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Lead, Selenium, Arsenic, Bismuth, Tin or any other toxic elements. does not purchase any non-precious metal items, costume jewellery or items that are only electroplated with precious metals. will not return or process any non-precious metal items at our cost. Non-precious metal items will be returned to the customer and a testing, processing and return shipping charge of at least 9.99 and not more than 29.99 will be charged to the customer. Payment of these charges will be required before returns orders comprising in part or entirely of non-precious metal items. If any fees due are not paid within 14 days reserves the right to liquidate any precious metals in your lot to cover the testing, processing and return shipping charges for non-precious metal material contained in your package at our original valuation of your precious metals.