Sell Gold Jewellery & Unwanted Gold Fast!

We purchase any form of Gold scrap including Jewellery, Gold bullion bars, Gold coins and more. Our postal Gold service makes selling your unwanted Gold and other Precious Metals for Cash quick and easy. All you need to do is complete the form on the right of this page with your address details and we will send you a Secure Gold Envelope. Simply place your Gold and other Precious Metal items in the Secure Envelope and return it to us via the post office for your Fast Payment.

Sell Any Gold Scrap & Unwanted Gold for Cash!

  • Sell Broken or Damaged 9 carat Gold Jewellery
  • Sell all hallmarked 18 carat,22ct,9kt Gold Scrap
  • Gold Bullion Ingots or Investment Bars
  • 22 carat Gold Sovereigns & Half Sovereign Coins
  • Sell Dental Gold Alloys,Gold Teeth & Bridge-work
  • 9ct Gold Rings,Bracelets,Necklaces etc.
  • Saudi,Indian & foreign 24 karat pure Yellow Gold
  • We Buy unhallmarked Jewellery & 14 karat Gold
  • Sell all hallmarked 18 carat,22ct,9kt Gold Scrap
  • Bullion Coins GAE's 1oz American Eagles
  • Jewellers Gold scrap & Manufacturing Scrap

We Buy All Gold Scrap Precious Metal Items

You can submit any type of Gold item to us including broken or damaged Gold jewellery of any carat rating from 9 carat, 14 karat upto 22ct and even pure Gold 24 carat items. We also buy all Gold coins such as Sovereigns, American Eagles, Half Sovereign and any other Gold Bullion rounds. As well as coins we can purchase all forms of Bullion Gold bars or Gold ingots, even rough cast ingot and Gold lemels of various Carat ratings and Gold purity.