Postal Gold Scrap Service for Fast CASH!

We offer a 100% Reliable Postal Gold Scrap Service for selling your unwanted jewellery and precious metals for Quick CASH! Our Fast turnaround times and consistantly higher payout prices for Gold scrap, unwanted Silver and Platinum jewellery make us the perfect choice.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Selling your Jewellery for Cash is as Simple as 1 2 3!

  1. Order Secure Envelope (fill in form on right)
  2. Put your unwanted Gold,Silver & Platinum Jewellery into envelope and send at post office
  3. We carefully Assess your Precious Metals then Send You Fast Payment!

100% Secure Insured Shipping Process!

Special Delivery insures all orders are Sent Securely, and fully Insured against loss.

Complete our Secure Gold Scrap Request form on the right and we will send you a personalised Special Delivery envelope and Gold Pack by return. You can then fill your precious metals scrap packet with you unwanted Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewellery. Simply seal your unwanted Jewellery and Precious Metals Securley in supplied Special Delivery envelope included with your Gold Pack. Finally take your Special Delivery poly envelope to any Post Office Counter to be shipped. Remember to retain the Post Office receipt as this contains your Tracking Reference Number. We believe our Customers should retain full control over the Shipping Insurance of their items (unlike some other similar companies that look to transfer insurance of your items to themselves).

Recent Gold Scrap Selling Survey

In test orders comparing with other National Advertised Postal buyers Paid upto 5 times more for the same weight of 9 carat Gold.

Gold BuyersPayment Amount
********£ 12.39
*******£ 10.35£ 51.95

Our service and payment amount for an identical weight of 9ct Gold Scrap was compared (as shown above) with 2 other National Gold Buying companies recently.
We would have made a payment for the same weight of 9 carat Gold Jewellery that was 5 times the amount of another Gold Buyer in our survey, and at least 4 times the amount of the other Scrap Buying companies payment offered.
So for consistently Higher Returns on your Unwanted Gold, Platinum & Sterling Silver complete our Gold Scrap Pack Request Form Now!