Sell Sterling Silver Scrap Jewellery FAST!

Sell your unwanted Silver Jewellery and Scrap Silver items to us for Fast Payment. Simply complete your details on the right of the page and submit your request for a Secure Scrap Precious Metal Envelope. We will send your Secure Precious Metals Scrap Envelope straight out to you so you can turn your unwanted or broken Sterling Silver Jewellery and other Silver Scrap into CASH!
All we ask is that if you are sending Only Silver to us your items weigh at least 120 grams total. But smaller weights of Silver can be sent if included in the same envelope as any amount of Gold or Platinum, no matter how small.

Buyers of All Types of Unwanted Silver!

  • We buy damaged Sterling Silver Jewellery
  • Solid Silver Investment Bars & Ingots
  • Broken 925 Chains & incomplete pieces
  • Sell us Silver Flatware & Tableware
  • Silver American Eagle Coins SAE's
  • Sell Photographic Silver Flake for Cash
  • British pre 1947 coins (Shillings,Sixpence,Florins)
  • Manufacturing Silver Scrap Sheet,Rod etc.
  • UK Hallmarked Sterling Silver & 925 Silver
  • Buyers of solid Sterling Cutlery items
  • Dental Silver Alloys Dentists Amalgam Ag
  • Sell us Silver Stone set Rings and Bracelets
  • Industrial Unused Silver Solder
  • Sell 50% Junk Silver numismatics & 90% Ag Coins
  • 1oz Bullion Bars or Silver Bullion Coins
  • Candlesticks,Silver Teapots & Salt/Pepper Shakers
  • We Buy unwanted Silver Casting Grain & Shot
  • Foreign Ster. Silver Jewellery marked 925
  • Jewellers & Silversmiths off-cuts & Scraps

We Accept Any Scrap Silver for Payment

Sell all your Scrap Silver to us for Fast Payment by Cheque, Bank Transfer or Fast Cash. As well as unwanted Sterling 925 Silver Jewellery, Industrial Silver, Dental, Silver Flake from photographic processes we accept any Silver Bullion. We will buy Ag .999 Silver Bar Ingots in any size from 1oz Art Bars, 10 ounce, 1KG Kilo Silver Bullion Bar upto 5 Kilogram Silver Bars. You can Sell us any type of Silver Coins including Britannia Silver coins, US American Eagle, Kookaburra or Koala Australian Bullion Coins, Silver Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda Ag bullion rounds and pre 1947 UK Silver Coins.