Sell Platinum Jewellery & Pt Thermocouples

We make Fast Cash payments for any Scrap Platinum Jewellery or industrial Platinum Group Metals Scrap. Sell your unwanted Platinum 950 Wedding Band, Diamond Rings, 95% Plat chains or bracelets for Fast Cash payment by return. Fill in your details on the right hand side of this page and we will mail you a Precious Metal Scrap Secure Mailing Envelope to submit your unwanted Platinum scrap for quick and easy payment. We buy all forms of industrial Platinum Thermocouple wire, any Unwanted Platinum Jewellery, Laboratory Crucibles or equipment and Rhodium Pt thermo wiring scrap material.

Sell Industrial Platinum & Unwanted Jewellery !

  • Buyers of Platinum Diamond Jewellery
  • 95% Platinum Wedding Bands unwanted Rings
  • Rhodium 30% Rh 6% Type B Pt Thermo Wire
  • Sell damaged Platinum rings or chains
  • Type R Platinum 13% Rhodium Alloys
  • Bullion Pt Ingots or Coin Rounds
  • Laboratory equipment & Platinum Crucibles
  • Rhodium industrial Scrap
  • Jewellers manufacturing scrap pieces
  • Sell Platinum Thermocouple Wire Scrap
  • Unwanted Diamond Ring or Jewellery
  • Buyers of All Platinum Group Metals
  • Palladium jewellery or Pd Bullion
  • Damaged 950 Platinum Jewellery Scrap
  • Thermocouple Type S 10% Rh wiring
  • Rhodium investment bars & ingots
  • Industrial Plat. metal scrap material
  • Rh-Pt Thermo Couple Wiring from Industry

Fast Payment for Any Platinum Scrap !

We accept any amount of Platinum scrap metals to be turned into Fast Cash. We specialise in processing Platinum Thermocouples of all types and in any quantity. Thermocouple Wire of Type R, Type B and Pt Type S containing varying percentages of Rhodium from 6% - 13% Rh can all be sent in for quick Cash payment. As well as industrial thermo wiring scrap we buy all Platinum 950 jewellery from Platinum Diamond rings to Necklaces, Chains and Bracelets.